Don’t leave your dog home alone

  …throw him a bone …take him to Paradise!

dog day care brevard fl

Daycare is a perfect way to get the “crazy” out of your dog.  He will get to exercise and socialize all day while you are at work – or out playing yourself.

Here are some great reasons to bring your dog in for Dayplay:

  • No guilt about leaving your dog home alone
  • Socialization with other dogs and people is important to have a well mannered dog
  • Perfect to help work out issues with separation anxiety and other destructive behaviors
  • You dog will get the exercise he needs to stay happy and healthy
  • Best off all… you will pick up a tired dog who is ready to go home and relax!
  • Holidays, birthday parties, other special events when you don’t want to worry about your four-legged friend getting into the snack bowl
  • Work done to the house (e.g., carpets or pool being cleaned, sprayed for bugs)
  • A new baby in the house; your pet and you need time to adjust

Rates & Information – Palm Bay

  • Full Day: $22
  • Half Day: $12
  • 5  Day Package (consecutive days): $90
  • 12 Day Package (must be used within 30 days) $240
  • There is $5 discount for each additional dog
  • Drop off times 7am – 10:00am Monday – Friday. Saturday 7am – 9:45am
  • Pick up times Monday – Friday anytime before 6:30pm. However, we are closed from 12n – 1:00pm
  • Pick up times Saturday 3p – 5p. No daycare on Sundays