Our professional groomers will have your dog looking

…and Smelling like a Supermodel!

groomingWhy is grooming important for dogs?

  • Clean skin and un-matted hair means less infections and parasites
  • Nails must be trimmed regularly
  • Prevent ear infections by cleaning and pulling out excess hair
  • Having glands expressed regularly keeps them from getting impacted
  • A clean dog gets more love!!

groomingWhat is included with a bath?

  • Shampoo
  • Dry โ€“ No blow out (fluff)
  • Basic brush โ€“ no dematt or undercoat removal
  • Dremmel nails
  • Clean ears โ€“ no hair removal
  • Perfume
  • Bath prices start at $25

What is included with a groom?


  • Shampoo, condition
  • Dry, blow out
  • Brush out, (may be extra charge for dematt, remove undercoat)
  • Gland Expression
  • Dremmel nails
  • Clean ears remove excess hair
  • Shave Pads, privates
  • Custom hair do
  • Perfume


Grooming prices vary by breed and cut.
Please call for pricing.

Melbourne Location grooming: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Palm Bay Location: Tuesday and Saturday
Baths available any day